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Prototype Engineering

Over the past years we have helped numerous companies with producing the initial prototype components, from concept, through various stages of discussions and manufacture to creating a fully working, full size product that can then go confidently into full production.

Some examples of previous Research and Development work are: Prototype nano technology battery parts to prove the concept, which we achieved, and then the customer was able to decide if to go into full production. Manufacturing various gas valve components which make up various assemblies which were tested and proved before the customer went on to make thousands per month. High speed turbo / generator components --- from initial concept drawings we manufactured prototype components and assemblies, including adjustable variable vane generation to change the geometry to find the best shape to generate the most power output. Over the years we have also made frameworks, trolleys, light cabinets, laser cabinets due to the in house welding facility we have. Complimenting the machining service, we also offer a full management of projects, to include certificated buying of materials, treatment of materials (hardening , chemical blacking, anodising, grinding, painting) then assembly either at base or on site.

Most of the time companies come to us with the design drawings for us to work from, but increasingly more often they come with just a concept and we help with initial discussions to determine if it is suitable for manufacture and progress from there on to make the prototype

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