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CNC Prototypes

We decided at the outset of starting the company that we needed to produce our parts on CNC machinery. So we invested in Milling and Turning machines that could give us the close tolerances that all our customers constantly expect, we have continually updated this and can now offer machining components straight from CAD files in 2D and 3D.

Our customers include: High speed turbo / generator manufacturers - from concept to full production. Nuclear in reactor inspection and drilling packages, from concept to full working machines which performed their jobs admirably in service. National Oceanography Centre - various filter components used to test water samples which will be used on their forthcoming expedition to Antarctica to drill beneath the ice to evaluate mineral deposits. Ion gun manufacturers - these include very small intricate parts mostly in stainless steel and exotic materials. Nano technology battery case

We have found that using CNC enables us to give the fast turnaround times together with the accuracy demanded in this competitive sector. We also have the facility to provide spark erosion and CNC wire erosion to very high tolerances in difficult to machine materials.

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